In 2010, our general election resulted in a coalition government consisting of the Conservative and Liberal Democrat Parties.   The Conservatives decided that, instead of using our taxes to have institutions and services dedicated to the well-being and safety of the population, the money would be used for tax cuts for the rich.  Austerity was introduced, ostensibly to reduce the “deficit”, but it was really their cover for dismantling the welfare sate and demonising the poor, disabled and immigrants as the cause of the financial crash, to divert attention from the real culprits – the bankers and the rich tax evaders who financed and donated to the party.

The Liberal Democrats, drunk with the headiness of office, betrayed everything they ever stood for, allowing the Tories to launch their vicious assault on the most vulnerable members of our society.   Labour, to its eternal shame, stood by and watched, refusing to publicly support the people who protested and demonstrated against this oppression.  They then compounded this by campaigning as ‘Tory lite’ in 2015, losing disastrously and blaming the defeat on not being Tory enough.

When Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader in 2015, with an overwhelming majority and a massive mandate to change the party back to its socialist values, some senior Blairite Labour MPs, aghast at the prospect of being outed as the Tory appeasers they are, set about trying to undermine him.  They are still, it seems, ingrained with that Tory/Blairite characteristic that they are “born to rule”; that the membership are there to be taken for granted.

Some of these posts are “of their time” and some are the result of my recent return to the blog with increased frustration and, yes, anger.  These are the musings of my last remaining brain cell and I.

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